Cognitive/Emotional State and Addiction

Mental illness and drug abuse conditions often are found together. This is becausecertain controlled substances can trigger individuals with a dependency to experience several symptoms of a mental illness
Mental illness can sometimes result in alcohol or drug use, as some individuals with a mental illness might abuse these substances as a form of self-medication
Mental and drug use conditions share some rudimentary sources, encompassing changes in brain structure, hereditary weaknesses, and early exposure to anxiety or trauma
Greater than one in four adults living with major mental health problems likewise has a drug use issue. Substance use issues are found more frequently with various mental health problems, encompassing:

Anxiety conditions
Personality disorders
Drug Use Problems
Substance use problems can refer to substance use or drug dependence. recovery of substance use disorders might include:

Behavioral changes, such as:

Loss in attendance and performance at work or academically
Commonly getting into trouble, (scuffles, personal injuries, illegal activities).
Abusing substances in physically dangerous circumstances such as while operating equipment or driving.
Engaging in deceptive or suspicious behaviors.

Modifications in the desire for food or sleep patterns.
Unexplained modification in character or mindset.
alcoholism symptoms of mind swings, impatience, or irate tantrums.
Time periods of unusual hyperactivity, agitation, or giddiness.
Lacking motivation.
Seeming scared, apprehensive, or paranoid, with no explanation.

Physical changes, such as:.

Bloodshot eyeballs and unusually sized pupils.
Unexpected weight reduction or weight increase.
Deterioration of physical look.
Unusual odors on clothes, breath, or physical body.
Tremblings, slurred speech, or reduced coordination.

Social transformations, like:.

Unforeseen change in buddies, favorite stomping grounds, and spare time interests.
Legal problems related to substance use.
recovery for cash or financial issues.
Using drugs despite the fact that it causes problems in relationships.

Recovering from Mental Health Problems and Drug Use.

Someone with a mental health problem and substance use problem needs to treat both issues. Treatment for both mental illness and substance abuse problems might encompass rehabilitation, prescription medications, self-help group, and talk therapy.

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